Breaking Into The Olympics

The last few days of the Olympics are generally a time of higher ratings for TV, this year NBC, as people are look- ing with interest at the number of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals coun tries of people’s interest have won. Likely, by that time, you may have seen the snippets from the opening […]


Dance aficionados may discuss or argue about the best dances, often considering the music and lyrics. It requires the analysis of dance shows and movies. Is the new Dancing With the Stars a real dance competition or a reality show? Does So You Think You Can Dance really represent dances people can relate to? Are […]

HITS THE MUSICAL! – This is a must see.

What do you get when you select from 7,000 kids auditioning in song and dance, and put the top 25 or so that are ultimately selected together with producers dedicated to supporting young people in the arts?  You add a talented and creative team to write the scripts, arrange and write the music.  Then add […]

Show and Stage Dancing

By most metrics available there are some 15 +/- million people who attend dance or ballet performances in a year.  There are also an estimated 25 +/- million active participants in choreographed exercise, step, and or, dance.  With over 50,000 dance studios and schools, the number of active students and alumni is likely in the […]

Changing of the Judges

Television series have a limited lifespan in general, and the same has been true for dance shows. Arthur Murray Dance Party started in 1950 and ended in 1960.  Dance Fever with Danny Terrio, choreographer for John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever ran from 1979 to 1987.  Dance Party USA ran from 1986 to 1992.  […]

Pat Traymore – Tribute

I am certainly not alone in feeling sad with the notice of Pat Traymore’s passing.  There are many that have been around longer, and knew and worked with her more intimately. That itself is a testament to the vitality and healthful benefits of dancing that Pat’s long life touched so many people in the dance […]


One of the fundamental differences between Dancers and Dancing in how they are perceived involves not the participants but spectators. Where dancers, from the 3rd person point of view, are almost always defined by how they look either in place doing lines, or in-line, or moving across the floor, Dancing has a basic definition of […]


Few activities define human interactions more than dancing.  One might well guess that once a caveman decided to beat on a log another decided to move to that beat.  It would not be long for societies, clans, or tribes to agree with what was the appropriate dance, movement or beat, and for the next younger […]


So, how did you feel about last season’s show, THE MASKED DANCER?  Depending upon your position in the dance world, I suspect there are a variety of opinions.  While initially one might think that since the dancers were masked, the show might actually be about the dancing.  That did not turn out to be true.  […]

Time for couples

We can recognize the skills and talents many stars and athletes possess as individuals.   That includes their ability to learn lines and take stage directions for TV, movies, and plays and then remember them.  It may also include an athlete’s ability to learn the sport or teams’ plays, signals, and the opponent’s intentions as well […]